Surfer, Drummer, Lawyer, Dreamer

Dee is from Scotland in the UK and her passion is to explore the world. Her life has definitely been a journey and she loves that surfing is at the heart of it. Dee’s the 2011 Scottish ladies surfing champion and has been surfing for almost 9 years.  She was out of the water for a couple of years due to injury, but after lots of hard work and many hours of rehab, she has finally gained back her strength.
Travelling is a massive passion for her and she loves to discover communities all over the world and meeting local surfers who inspire her to surf better.

Dee spends her days working as a part-time lawyer as well as surfing, travelling and drumming. She also has her own Surf School in Scotland: „I love teaching people to surf – seeing the joy on their faces when they catch their first wave is an incredible feeling.“

Nobody knows what the future will hold, but Dee is taking hers one wave at a time!

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