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Zealous ˈze-ləs means to be filled with or to be inspired by intense enthusiasm [Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, eager] and embodies our striving for happiness that we find in the ocean & mountains.

Perhaps like every other clothing designer, it has always been my passion to craft and create clothes. The idea of fusing that passion and my dream of living a surflife into my reality, excites me. The reality of having my clothes available in my onlineshop and in retail stores around the world took some courage because I wanted to do it differently. From day one, I immersed myself in exotic places to source the best fabrics of the finest quality and field testing them. The results of combining my two passions, surfing and designing clothes? Surfbikinis with an outstanding fit that offers comfort and stay on in the surf, and also a surf inspired streetwear collection for European seasons.

ZEALOUS ABOUT - Founder & Owner Marie-Kristin surfing one of her favorite spots on her Single Fin
ZEALOUS ABOUT - Marie-Kristin Krause

ZEALOUS ABOUT - Ambassador Mascha Rommel | shot by Kim Akrigg
Zealous Tropical Gypsy Tshirt black

Surfbikinis and surf inspired Streetwear

It is my strong connection to the sea and my German roots that made me look into the combination of making surfbikinis and surfwear, surf inspired streetwear and everything in between. The ambition to become good at surfing and my zest for creativity have driven me this far to create a concept that suits both. I just knew that there was something bigger out there to do after my studies of Textile Engineering in Germany and when it dawned on me, I decided to move to Bali. A place where I can go for a good surf and also where I can learn everything about the whole process to create a product and really be a part of everything comes with it. I scoured the whole island to work with local tailors, fabric manufacturers and factories to get Zealous to the point where it is today. Surfbikinis, clothing, urban streetwear and accessoires, you name it!

Bali: Everyone Deserves That Piece of Appreciation

Zealous Clothing in Bali. Why Bali? Because in Bali I can make sure that workers earn enough, personally visit the facilities and support local family businesses which is a rarity in todays textile industry. I am delighted to say that they are all part of Zealous Clothing and thanks to them I now have my onlineshop, and my clothing is available islandwide. Every surfbikini and item from the urban streetwear collection embodies this effort and love. Have a look into the online shop and I am sure there is something that suits you!