Studying half a year in Bali, Isabella spent much of her days outdoors and at the beach.
When in Indonesia, you almost inevitably become a waterwoman.

Within the last four years, she got more and more passionate about Stand Up Paddling in particular. So she did her SUP-Trainer-Licence and started hosting Workout-, Sunrise- and Beginner-Courses for SUPflow in her hometown of Kiel, Germany.

„All my SUP-Courses are different in regards of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Besides that, environmental conditions like wind and waves play their part in how tough a class will be. Zealous‘ surfwear range provides me with the flexibility I need and keeps up with those challenges.“

Every time Isi’s skin touches the water, she forgets everything around her, it calms her soul and sets her mind free. She loves to see all the happy faces that smile back to her, after guiding her through one of her SUP classes.

Welcome Isi, we are happy to have you in the Zealous family of active and inspiring women!