Due to growing up in Austria Karo has always felt a strong connection to the mountains surrounding her… nonetheless, when the ocean called, she followed. After spending some time on the road and living in Marocco and Spain, she has now settled in southwest Portugal. The pure nature, a simple lifestyle, enjoying the moment, as well as living her creativity and diversity is what inspires and energizes her. She never stops exploring. “The best feeling to me is to be in the flow of life, to feel connected to myself and mother nature, to feel centered.” This feeling comes easy when Karo is in the water. She loves to be in touch with the amazing souls she has met during her surf journey. She is mainly drawn to Longboarding as she enjoys the free-flowing movements, the pace & easiness and the joyful dance with the waves.

Although she is a passionate surfer, not all her time in the water is dedicated to surfing. She also takes great photographs of other surfers in which she aims to reflect a sense of freedom, lightness & happiness. “I want to inspire others to follow their dreams and visions, to just go for it without fears, to live beyond boarders, to be truly open, to take responsibility for their own life.”

Bem-Vindo to our team of ambassadors! X