Marie was raised far away from the ocean in the South of Germany. Until she was 19 she only knew surfing from pictures and videos and didn’t even intend to start surfing. While she was backpacking through Latin America she just gave it a try and was hooked since she caught her very first wave. In the meantime she has explored several waves around the world, stayed in Morocco for some months and is now living and working in Portugal where she improves her surfing every day. She also loves photography, so if you don’t see her drifting on her longboard, you’ll find her behind the lens, capturing the beautiful surf culture around her.

Marie has a strong love towards all those creative and talented people from the surf industry – this is the reason why she is involved in many different things, such as:

Salt in My Hair, Online Mag: Marie founded this online mag to write about all those talented and creative people she met along her way.

Surfers Collective, Online Listing Platform: Marie founded Surfers Collective with the aim to connect all the amazing people from the surf industry with the aim to encourage new projects and collaborations.

Magic Quiver, Surfshop: Magic Quiver is a surf shop offering fine surf supplies in the centre of the sleepy fishing town of Ericeira, Portugal. She is now helping out with marketing, social media and brand management. She especially enjoys to spend a lot of hours in the water when she’s not working.

So good to have another motivating and inspiring surfer girl on board!