Mascha who was born and raised in Berlin escaped the city life at the age of 18. She started traveling overseas and then followed her dream to become an oceangirl. Soon after arriving in Australia she was blown away by the beautiful nature and the positive and active lifestyle of the Aussies. She decided to make Byron Bay, the magical place where she started surfing, her new home base. From there she explores other countries, always on the search of perfect waves.

Mascha traded her big city life for a simple one that lets her live closer to nature – and she never once regretted it! Her life is mainly focused on the ocean as she’s a free diver and surfer, goes on sailing trips with her boyfriend and is right now getting into surf photography. Luckily, she lives only a few minutes away from the beach, so she can often go out on her longboard to slide and dance in the ocean. Just having fun in the water and having good times with all the amazing people she met through surfing is one of the most wonderful parts of her life. She says, this is probably the only thing she will be doing for the rest of her life, at least she hopes so. When Mascha is not in the ocean, she works as an eventmanager.

“Life is full of miracles and opportunities, it’s too short to stay in an unhappy place. Go out there and make your dreams come true. I tell you it’s worth it.“

– Mascha

When her home spot in Byron Bay gets too busy, she loves to escape to Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Her next adventure will be a sailing journey with her partner in crime, searching for undiscovered waves around the globe – stay tuned!

Welcome to the team, Oceangirl!

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