Have you ever wondered what goes into a design collaboration, or how surfers manage to create their very own swimsuit design? In this interview we ask professional surf instructor, content creator, and entrepreneur Zala Cuden how the Zealous x Zala One-Piece was created! Keep reading to find out why she now „literally lives in it„.

ZEALOUS Who Made Your Surf Bikini?

Ever got a little curious about how your new summer dress, stay-on surf bikini or all time favourite shirt was manufactured in Bali? Without our lovely seamstresses, QC workers, printers and everyone else involved, your clothes wouldn’t be as good as they are. Every piece is handmade! We visit our factories regularly to make sure […]

Zealous x Studio MEK Organic Cotton Tshirt to Save Coral Reefs

When you look at corals, you probably think they’re flowers. But when you look very closely, you will see that corals have a hidden treasure inside its skeleton. Behind her vivid colors, living organisms create the most impressive structures. Structures that are made of minerals.

From surfing to doing Yoga to running and hiking – we love to be active and have some fun outdoors. Especially while travelling, it’s helpful not to carry around 100 special pieces of clothing for every single outdoor activity. Instead, owning a couple of key pieces that are suitable for many occasions can save you […]

We’ve had the pleasure of talking to Sara, a fellow surfergirl and salty soul. We are diving into running your own jewellery business and finding inspiration for upcoming pieces and collections.

You have planned to go surfing, but the weather doesn’t play along or the waves don’t fit to your surf level? Let no grass grow under your feet cause Bali got plenty of treasures to offer!

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