Top 4 Surfwear Styles:
The Best Women’s Surf Swimsuits That Will Make You Feel Confident In The Lineup

<b> Top 4 Surfwear Styles:</b>  <br> The Best Women’s Surf Swimsuits That Will Make You Feel Confident In The Lineup

Finding an outfit for the day is one thing. Finding the best women’s surf swimsuits that are practical yet stylish for the lineup is a challenge on a whole different level. 

Is your surf swimwear holding you back? 

  • You want to enjoy the waves, but you keep worrying about losing your bikini. 
  • You just resurfaced after a wipe-out. Before getting back on your board, you have to tug at your surfwear to make sure it’s where it should be. (While getting another wave on the head…) 
  • You want to look good and express your style in the lineup. But finding surfwear that combines functionality, safety and style seems to be impossible. 

How are you supposed to focus on catching waves if you’re constantly worried about nip slips and lost bikini bottoms? 

Dealing with the ocean, waves, and lineup is challenging enough. So, let’s take impractical surfwear out of the equation. Let’s find the best women’s swimsuits for your individual style that will stay on when you go under. So you can look, feel, and surf your best.


Simply stylish: Your surf bikini that stays on

Because sometimes less is more. 

Surfing in just a bikini can be incredibly freeing. Why? 

  • Quick and easy: No need to carry around different types of surf swimwear. No need to squeeze into a suit. Simply slip into your bikini or wear it underneath your normal clothes, and you’re ready to jump in the water in seconds. 
  • No unwanted fabric: With a surf bikini that stays on, there won’t be any bulky fabric that might get in the way in the water. Say goodbye to rubbing fabrics and rashes. 
  • Be extra close to nature: Feel the sun rays’ kisses, the water’s freshness, and the sea’s salt on your skin. And soak up that daily dose of vitamin D! 
  • Express your style: With tons of colour, design, and fit options, wear the surf bikini that lets your individual style and personality shine.
  • Choose your coverage: From cheeky bottoms and less fabric to full coverage and high support. Our surf bikinis come in all shapes and forms to hug, accentuate, and flatter your body.
  • Perfect for: Any type of surfer

There’s nothing quite like surfing in a bikini. The best part: We’ve put years ofexperience and research into developing the perfect surf bikini that stays in place, making it one of the best women’s surf swimsuits on the market. 


Find your perfect surf bikini style


Suit up: Your one-piece surf swimsuit

A one-piece for peace of mind.

What makes a one-piece one of the best women’s surf swimsuits?

  • Extra slip-proof: A one-piece surf swimsuit has the top and bottom parts of your surfwear attached. That means: nothing can slip, no bottoms can be lost, and everything stays in place. And no need to suck that belly in!
  • Added protection: Worried about sunburn, jellyfish stings, reef cuts or ageing skin? A long-sleeve surfing swimsuit has you covered and protected. 
  • Endless designs: Look and feel your best with tons of style options. Abstract blue patterns, pink leopard print, stylish black, and anything in between to express your mood.
  • Countless shapes: Long sleeves or sleeveless, full front and back coverage or stunning open back, low or high neckline and so much more. With one-piece surf swimsuits, you can cover and show off your beautiful body the way you prefer. 
  • Perfect for: Any type of surfer, surfers with fair, mature and/or sensitive skin types

Stay comfortable, stylish, and protected. A one-piece surf swimsuit will give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the waves and enjoy the surf.


Find your one-piece surf swimsuit


An extra layer of comfort: Surf Bikini + Rash Guard

A rash guard to the surfwear rescue. 

Any surfer’s essential, a true must-have, and one of the best women’s surf swimsuits: A rash guard over your surf bikini. 

  • Comfort: Like slipping a hoodie over your T-shirt, putting on a rash guard over your surf bikini is as comfortable and easy as it gets. No risk of nip slips, comfort guaranteed.
  • Safety first: Just as their name suggests, rash guards offer a high level of protection. Covering your arms, back and chest, you can say goodbye to sunburn, jellyfish stings and reef cuts.  
  • Mix and match: Black rashie and colourful bottoms? High-waist bottoms and crop top rashie (a fav among long-boarders)? A mix of colours and patterns? Wear all kinds of rash guard styles with any type of bikini to express your individual style in the water. 
  • Perfect for: Any type of surfer, surfers with fair, mature and/or sensitive skin types

Add a layer of comfort, protection, and style to your surfwear with a rash guard. Be comfortable and feel good in a rashie to surf your best. 

Tip: Make sure to get a rash guard with loops on the hem. If you attach it to your surf bikini bottoms, it won’t roll up in the water.


Get your rash guard



Stay covered: Swimsuit + SPF Surf Leggings

SPF surf leggings for Super Protected Fun in the waves. 

Worried about sunburn? Troubled by jellyfish? Concerned about the reef? SPF surf leggings got you covered. 

  • Highest level of coverage: Prefer to cover up? With leggings for surfing, you won’t have to worry about any fabric slipping. 
  • Ultimate protection: Wearing a long swim legging with a long-sleeved surf swimsuit or rash guard protects your skin from sunburn, jellyfish stings, and reef cuts.
  • Ditch the sunscreen: No need to lather your body with sunscreen. It’s already been taken care of with SPF surf leggings. (Remember to apply sunscreen to your face, hands, and neck, though!) 
  • Your surfwear is your canvas: Choose your own style and print for your surf leggings and swimsuit to shine in the lineup! 
  • Mix and match: Long sleeves and long leggings, sleeveless and long leggings, bikini top and leggings – the choice is yours. 
  • Perfect for: Any type of surfer who prefers extra coverage, surfers with fair, mature and/or sensitive skin types. A great pick for anyone who just arrived in the tropics – never underestimate those powerful sun rays!

Surf in style and comfort, knowing your skin is protected. Have peace of mind to focus on the surf in your SPF surf leggings. 


Choose your surf leggings


Feel comfortable in the lineup with the best women’s surf swimsuits 

So, which is the best surf swimsuit for you? The answer is quite simple: It’s the one you feel most comfortable in. 

Choose a surf bikini if you prefer less fabric. Opt for a one-piece swimsuit for peace of mind. Pick a rash guard for extra comfort. And slip into those SPF surf leggings for ultimate skin protection.

All surfwear comes in different designs, colours, and shapes to match your style – so you can feel your best, be confident, and unlock your true surf potential!

Say goodbye to nip slips and lost bikini bottoms. Adieu, sunburn, and jellyfish stings.

Hello comfort, style, and confidence! 

What will you wear today? 


Find your surf swimsuit style

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