WMNSurfmag Issue #001 Rumble in the Jungle

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#001 Rumble in the Jungle

Our friend Janine Reith has launched the first women's surfmag that's not just about shopping advice and beach body workouts!

To start off the Mag, we interviewed the Current Queen, Stephanie Gilmore and Former Queen, Layne Beachley, who still holds the record of 7 World titles, about the progression and current state of women Surfing.

Being based in Indonesia, we then used our home advantage to create our first issue around this tropical island paradise. We spent a good amount of time in Nias to find out more about its notorious beach at Sorake and if there were (m)any women pulling into those heavy right-hand barrels. Of course, we got something to read about the Mentawais (how could we not). Also we caught up with a professional who was born and raised traveling and living in the jungle of Borneo. We absolutely love her story!

Lifestyle wise, we dug deeper to find out about how some people manage to live and work in paradise  – you will be stoked on the photo proof!

A Surfing doctor will tell how to treat reef cuts and what to be aware of in the tropics, while our fitness specialist of this issue gets you off the sofa and fit for some tubes. We chatted to a professional Surf coach about the differences of coaching in men and women surfing and amongst others, we asked Jon Pyzel for advice on surfboards.

But enough said.

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