Corporate Social Responsibility

After living and producing on the island of Bali for more than 4 years, Marie has seen all kind of different factories, from independent tailors around the corners to larger factories who can cope with bigger orders. Her background in Clothing Engineering and Management has already brought her to different countries so she were able to experience and learn about the different solutions of clothing manufacturing. This allowed her to have a very good understanding of what can be thought of as fair production and under which circumstances one should not work together with a certain factory.

To Marie it’s a matter of course that no single Zealous product is made by someone who is either forced to make them, underaged or has to work under poor working conditions. There’s usually a good mood among the employees and they never work under high pressure. No strict lead times are calculated, nor is work done as on the assembly line. So let us tell you about the different factories where Zealous products are made.

We work with 3 different factories / agencies and two independent tailors / screen printers:

  • Rosa

    set up her own business with a small manufactory in her house – they make most items of our „Island of Gods“ collection

  • Putu

    my friend who took over the clothing factory from his dad – they produce the main part of our apparel

  • Intan

    an independent Indonesian woman who just founded her own swimwear manufacturing agency after working several years in the garment industry

  • Putri

    our favorite independent tailor who has the brightest smile on the island – he sews products such as beach wraps, beach towels and accessories

  • Kreasi Bali

    a family run business only 2 minutes away from our office who are always down for a good joke – they screenprint and sew products such as tote bags and bikini wet bags

One of the sewers at Intan’s manufactory and Marie working on new stitching techniques

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

Intan’s manufactory

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

Intan and Marie discussing the alterations of new samples

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility Who made your tshirt?

Who made your T-Shirt?

ZEALOUS ABOUT - Rosa's Factory

Meet Putu!

Putu is working in Rosa’s factory and we probably never saw her not happy and laughing.

„I’m happy to love my job! It’s my hobby! I like it a lot“

Isn’t this what we all want in life? A job that we love?
Seeing Putu that happy making our apparel, is proof for us that we’re doing it the right way. Not only for us. Also for her.

Without our lovely seamstresses, your clothes wouldn’t be as good as they are.

Every piece is handmade and we check our factories regularly to make sure

the seamstresses are able to work under good conditions.

Rosa in her manufactory

ZEALOUS ABOUT - Rosa's factory

One of the seamstresses at Rosa’s manufactory

ZEALOUS Who Made Your Surf Bikini?

Quality Control at Rosa’s manufactory

Meet Ibu Rosa!

Manages her own little manufactory in her house

Get to know Ibu Putu!

Seamstress at Rosa’s Manufactory

Who’s Ibu Ayu?

Quality Controller at Putu’s Manufactory

Meet Ibu Ayu!

Ibu Ayu is working in Putu’s factory and is one sweet soul who is mostly giggling all day long. Those moments when you chat with the ladies in the factory and everyone is just cracking up because of a good joke are invaluable!

We asked her: „Do you like your job?“

„Yes I enjoy my work, hahaha! That’s why I’m still here after six years!“

We guess not many can say that about their work – lucky Ayu.

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

Gustu the production manager at Putu’s manufactory and Marie checking the quality of a new embroidery sample

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the sewers at Putu’s manufactory

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

The guys organizing the screens in the printing area

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility
Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility How do we wrap up

How do we wrap up and ship?

After years of working in retail, we realized the shocking amount of single use plastic bags and plastic equipment used in the clothing industry. That’s why we wrap up like this:

  • Hangtags: biodegradable, no stud / metal ring
  • Hangtag strings: from cotton, biodegradable
  • Polybags: from cassava starch, biodegradable; for now closed with plastic sticky tape, working on alternatives
  • Boxes for shipments to end customers: FSC-certified and biodegradable
  • Boxes for shipments to wholesale customers and to warehouse: biodegradable
  • DHL GoGreen CO2 neutral shipment: to wholesale and end customers
  • Tape (for end customers): all boxes for our customers are packed with adhesive tape, made from resistant paper with a silicone-free impregnated surface combined with natural rubber
  • Tape (for wholesale and warehouse): Boxes for shipments to whoesale customers and to the warehouse are closed with adhesive tape made from Polyvinyl Chloride and natural rubber. Aiming to substitude these in 2018 with paper based adhesive tape

Meet our warehouse team

Gesche & Julian

our two lovely warehouse super workers from Hamburg.

Gesche has been working in the boardsports industry ever since and shares this passion with her boyfriend Julian. In their free time, Gesche and Julian like to work on projects under the name of Mea.

When Marie was in need of a new warehouse partner, they directly offered their help, as Gesche is used to working with stocks and they’re probably the most organized people.

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility What we care about

What we care about

We all love to be in the ocean. We as surfers and outdoorsy people appreciate and enjoy the raw beauty of nature. We as a brand put goods related to our passion on the market. Therefore it’s self-evident that we carry responsibility to protect what we love in every possible way.

What we do to protect what we love:

  • We are a member of 1% for the Planet®

    and donate 1% of our annual sales to support environmental solutions

  • We recycle all office waste

  • We use only biodegradable soaps + detergents in our office

  • We refill our reusable water bottles in the office #saynotoplastic

  • We organize our own Beach Clean Ups! #payforyourwave

    we either organize or join beach clean ups at our local beach 1x/week (during rain season) / 1x/month (during dry season)

  • We reduce waste fabric + turn fabric leftovers into scrunchies

    that we give away as little presents to customers and friends

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility Repair & Care

Repair & Care Guide

We want our products to last as long as possible for you to enjoy them through the years. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your apparel and that you use it as intended.

You will find all the helpful care instructions in our Repair & Care Guide. We gladly advise you on how to wash your clothes as well as on what you should do if something breaks. Throw it in the trash and buy it new? No way! Please just send us your repair request and we help you out.

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility Our Goals

Our Goals

We want to continue producing our products under fair conditions with family run businesses in Bali on the one hand – and become even more sustainable on the other!

Our main goals are:

  • Reduce general waste (office, packaging, warehouse)

  • Reduce fabric leftovers

  • Reduce plastic usage; reuse

  • Use environmental friendly fabrics

    • launch of first surfwear collection made from recycled fishing nets in 2018
    • 75% of all future apparel collections will be made from organic / recycled fabrics

to be continued…