How One Surfer Designed Her Dream Sustainable Swimsuit

Behind the Zealous X Zala Surf Bikini & One Piece Collaboration

October 3, 2021 by Marie

Have you ever wondered what goes into a design collaboration, or how surfers manage to create their very own swimsuit design? In this interview we ask professional surf instructor, content creator, and entrepreneur Zala Cuden how the Zealous x Zala One-Piece was created! Keep reading to find out why she now „literally lives in it„.

What was your inspiration for the Zealous x Zala collaboration?

I would say it was actually the friendship I have with the owner. For few years we knew each other just online and when we actually met I loved her vibes and I wanted to create something nice with her. She was up for it and thats how it all began.

What was important to you about the bikini and swimsuit style?

It needs to stay on and be comfortable. The bikini bottoms have a reversible finishing for extra comfort without cutting in while the bikini top gotta look cute and survive some heavy wipeouts.

What challenges did you face designing the Zala swimsuit?

The design was the easiest part because I knew what kinda color and style I wanted (I’m a graphic designer by education). Whereas developing the fit wasn’t as easy. I have never done this before but Marie helped me alot and added her knowledge of product development and pattern making.

We made the first one-piece sample, went for a surf in it and made another one integrating some final changes. Now the cut is perfect, it stays on and I literally live in it 😊

The Cowabunga Surf Bikini Top and Brazilian Bottoms have already existed in Zealous’s swimwear collection and were my favorite styles. With our ZxZ collaboration, I was able to add my personal touch to them.

What feedback have you gotten about the Zealous X Zala swimsuit?

I get plenty of positive comments on the one-piece and bikinis. It always feels so good when I can say I created that with Zealous.

Where will you be bringing your Zealous x Zala swimsuit next?

I’ll bring it on my next surf trips to Canary Islands in October and then back to Indonesia in 2022.