Talking waves & business with
OCEAN BOHEME founder Sara

Aloha ladies and ocean lovers!

we’ve had the pleasure of talking to Sara, a fellow surfergirl and salty soul. We are diving into running your own jewellery business and finding inspiration for upcoming pieces and collections. Wanna know who Sara is and what she’s filling her days by the ocean with?

Come follow us & get to know this salty lady!

Hi Sara, pleased to meet you! Give us a quick intro: Who are you and what are you doing?

Hi, I’m Sara and I am the founder and jewellery designer behind Ocean Boheme.  I design jewellery for ocean lovers, incorporating upcycled shells, seaglass and ocean-coloured gemstones all whilst using recycled silver. I am also passionate about supporting marine conservation charities though my sales.

You wanted to be your own boss but how long did it take from that idea to making it happen?

I wanted my own business for at least 10 years before deciding what I wanted to do!  That’s a long time but that’s how long it took me to find my niche and something I am really passionate about!

What got you into the jewelry business?

I used to make jewellery as a kid and I have always loved jewellery.  Where other girls might like buying shoes or bags I would gravitate towards jewellery!  I also enjoy being creative and had been looking at doing a silversmithing course when I met a woman who offered to teach me.  So I started with a seaglass ring and that’s when my mind started racing about different designs that I wanted to realise.