Limited Edition // Zealous x Studio MEK Under the Surface T-Shirt & Art Print Bundle


Zealous x Studio MEK collaboration

Limited giftbox : T-shirt + Artwork


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When we burn fossil fuels, CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. During that process, heat gets trapped which is why the temperatures on earth are rising. Even if one or two extra degrees might sound more like a tropical summer than a catastrophe, it will be fatal for many ecosystems and coral is one of them.

Corals get stressed due to changes in conditions such as temperature, light or nutrients.While they are normally bright and colorful because of the microscopic algae that live in the corals tissue, this stress causes them to reject these algae and the once vivid colours turn white. This is called coral bleaching. The algae and the coral live in a mutually beneficial relationship, each helping the other to survive. Coral gets most of their nutrients from the byproducts of the algae’s photosynthesis, so once the color bleaching due to stress has started, to coral is slowly dying.

The last ten years are among the warmest in history. Isn’t that concerning? Coral reefs support some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth and thousands of animals depend on them. They provide shelter, spawning grounds, and protection from predators. If a reef ecosystem collapses, many species may face extinction.

Small steps to help are always better than no steps. And therefore, Zealous X Studio MEK created a special gift box to raise awareness around climate change and coral bleaching. We partnered up with The Ocean Agency which means that 20% of our profit will be donated to protect and rehabilitate corals.

Our gift box stands for these corals. The art print visualizes a healthy coral reef with vibrant colors and is only available for a limited time! The T-Shirt and its b/w print of the same coral reef represents a dying coral reef that has lost all its color.

Act fast.

  • Limited edition colored art print A4
  •  Tshirt handmade from Organic Cotton
  • Only 40 prints available

With your purchase you will contribute to healthier corals and underwater eco systems. Let’s bring color back into the oceans!

*Marie is wearing Size S

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