This one’s obvious – a pair of Surf Leggings is an absolutely essential when it comes to our favourite occupation. When the water gets a little colder or you’re surfing a spot with reef breaks, the Surf Leggings are your best friend. You can also put them on, when your skin needs a little rest from the scorching sun. Especially if you just arrived in tropical regions and are not tanned yet at all!

Little tip from our founder Marie: as someone with a jellyfish phobia and allergy against those stingers, surf leggings are her favourite surf outfit when she knows it’s jelly season!

So, those leggings do not only protect you against surf rashes and sunburned legs, they will also make you feel save. Plus, they can look oh so stylish in the line up! Just combine your leggings with your favourite surf bikini top, a rashguard or even a surfsuit and paddle out!








Besides for surfing, we love to wear our Surf Leggings while doing Yoga too! With its comfortable but tight fit, these leggings are the best thing to wear when it comes to advanced poses – cause no girl wants to worry about her pants slipping out of place while managing to stand on her head!

It doesn’t matter if you are a passionate Yogi or just practice sometimes to calm down and relax, our Sirena Surf Leggings won’t let you down. All our Surf Leggings are made from Polyester or Nylon / Spandex blends which dry very quickly and do not mind if they get wet. So, no excuses, it’s time to get sweaty!

Snorkeling and Diving

We really adore the beautiful flora and fauna here in Bali – especially all those tiny plants, corals, turtles and fish dudes living in the sea. Having a look at them (and hearing your own breath under water!) feels like an experience from another world – so we really love snorkeling and diving. If you haven’t tried, you really should!

And don’t forget your Surf Leggings, to protect you from sunburned legs (if you’re more into snorkeling at the surface of the water) and reefs (if you dive to the seafloor) while you are flowing away and explorig the colourful and fascinating world under water.



Running and Hiking

As keen runners ourselves, we wanna be prepared on our trips: Whether it’s a quick run to clear our minds through our favourite park, or a lovely Sunday morning run in the woods or at the beach – we want to have some comfy running clothes in our bags.

Even if you go hiking and exploring nature, pants that aren’t afraid of sun and water are essential. With our Sirena Surf Leggings, you have the complete package: A comfortable and good fitting pair of long pants that protect your legs from cold, sun, sand and dirt, drys quickly and can be combined with your sports bra / surf bikini top or a breathable top or jacket. Keep on running!

Stand-Up Paddling

You’re landlocked but really need a board and some water under your feet? With your nearest lake or river and a SUP Board (on most lakes you can rent one) you can come pretty close to that feeling of surfing. Train your balance whilst practicing SUP yoga, or just go for a full body workout a.k.a. a SUP tour with your friends 😉

Even if it’s too cold to wear only a bikini, just put on your Surf Leggings combined with a Surfsuit and have some fun in the water far away from the sea.



Fitness and Workout

Wether you’re into Pilates, like to sweat your head off while doing Crossfit or take fitness classes at the gym: the right bottoms to your sport top are our Surf Leggings! Besides the stylish look, the medium to high rise leggings will fit like a second skin.

And – you don’t even have to change your pants, if you decide to meet some friends spontaneously for a drink after your yoga session. Just combine the Surf Leggings with a Crop Top, Shirt-Dress or a Sweater and enjoy the day!