We cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings and the diversity of life on earth unless we embrace it and stop producing tons of waste. By using recycled fabrics in our collections, recycling office waste and donating to environmental solutions we want to make a positive impact and protect our environment. Locally, we organize beach clean ups to create awareness of our footprint and that personal actions matter, in order to establish a more sustainable way of doing business as part of the ecosystem.

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility What we care about

What we care about

We all love to be in the ocean. We as surfers and outdoorsy people appreciate and enjoy the raw beauty of nature. We as a brand put goods related to our passion on the market. Therefore it’s self-evident that we carry responsibility to protect what we love in every possible way.

What we do to protect what we love:

  • We operate CO2 neutral!

    We offset our CO2 emissions from all kinds of transportation (flights, car/motorbike/train.. rides), shipments of products (from manufacturer to end customers) and running our office and devices.

  • We are a member of 1% for the Planet®

    and donate 1% of our annual sales to support environmental solutions

  • 75% of our apparel collections are made from organic / recycled fabrics

  • we created our OCEAN ♻ surf bikinis made from 78% pre- and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets

    saving tonnes of CO2 emissions & crude oil

  • Starting 2021, we are completely refusing single use packaging!

  • We work with a waste management organization

    to handle our office waste to recycle as much as possible

  • We refill our reusable water bottles in the office #saynotoplastic

  • We reduce waste fabric + turn fabric leftovers into scrunchies

    that we give away as little presents to customers and friends

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility Our Goals

Our Goals

We want to continue producing our products under fair conditions with family run businesses in Bali on the one hand – and become even more sustainable on the other!

Our main goals are:

  • Reduce general waste

    in our office, during production, in packaging and our warehouse

  • Use more environmental friendly fabrics

  • Reduce plastic usage; reuse

    packaging, marketing material, etc.

  • switch from air freight to sea freight to send our collections from Bali to Hamburg

    to decrease our CO2 footprint

to be continued…

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility How do we wrap up

How do we wrap up and ship?

After years of working in retail, we realized the shocking amount of single use plastic bags and plastic equipment used in the clothing industry. That’s why we wrap up like this:

  • Hangtags: biodegradable, no stud / metal ring
  • Hangtag strings: from cotton, biodegradable
  • Polybags: from cassava starch, biodegradable; closed with paper sticker
  • Boxes for shipments to end customers: FSC-certified and biodegradable
  • Boxes for shipments to wholesale customers and to warehouse: biodegradable
  • DHL GoGreen CO2 neutral shipment: to wholesale and end customers
  • Tape (for end customers): all boxes for our customers are packed with adhesive tape, made from resistant paper with a silicone-free impregnated surface combined with natural rubber
  • Tape (for wholesale and warehouse): Boxes for shipments to whoesale customers and to the warehouse are closed with adhesive tape made from Polyvinyl Chloride and natural rubber. Aiming to substitude these with paper based adhesive tape

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility Repair & Care

Repair & Care Guide

We want our products to last as long as possible for you to enjoy them through the years. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your apparel and that you use it as intended.

You will find all the helpful care instructions in our Repair & Care Guide. We gladly advise you on how to wash your clothes as well as on what you should do if something breaks. Throw it in the trash and buy it new? No way! Please just send us your repair request and we help you out.