Who Made Your Zealous T-Shirt?

Let’s take a look behind the scenes and meet some of the people, who work on your new surf-inspired T-Shirt or Hoodie!

Ever got a little curious about how your new summer dress, stay-on surf bikini or all time favourite shirt was manufactured in Bali?

Without our lovely seamstresses, QC workers, printers and everyone else involved, your clothes wouldn’t be as good as they are. Every piece is handmade! We visit our factories regularly to make sure the seamstresses are able to work under good conditions, check the product qualities and – of course – have a little chat.

Zealous Corporate Social Responsibility

To catch a glimpse behind the scenes, we visited some of the local tailors and production factories we work with. There, we talked to three balinese women whose are working on Zealous Surfwear and Apparel. Hear, what Rosa, Ibu Putu and Ida Ayu Kartika have to to tell about their jobs, interests, family lifes and religion!

Rosa, Rosa’s Little Manufactory

After working a few years for an Italian Factory, Rosa founded her own little manufactory in Dalung. Just ten minutes from the Zealous headquarter in Canggu, she has now around ten people working for her.

As the owner and production manager, Rosa is the middle-woman between the manufactory and Zealous Clothing. She is inolved in the whole production process: From talking about artworks with Marie, producing samples and checking them before the production starts, to doing the packaging with organic bags and hang tags. Rosa has an eye on everything!

Ibu Putu, Rosa’s Little Manufactory

Ibu Putu has more than 25 years experience in the garment industry. She has been working as a seamstress at Rosa’s Little Factory for several years already. Like she explains, Ibu Putu turned her hobby into a career and is now sewing four to ten pieces per day. From dresses to shirts, some of the Zealous apparel pieces are made by her!

Like most Indonesians in Bali, Ibu Putu is Hindu. In our interview she talks about her religion and all its colourful ceremonies and gives an insight into Hindu traditions.

Ida Ayu Kartika, Putu’s Manufactory

For six years, Ida Ayu Kartika is working for my friend Putu’s garment manufactory, a bigger garment and printing factory in Denpasar. They are producing a big part of our Zealous products, mainly our beloved and comfy t-shirts and hoodies.

At Putu’s manufactory, Ida Ayu Kartika is part of the Quality Control Team. She makes sure that all Zealous Clothes are well processed, clean and ready to be shipped to our warehouse in Hamburg!