We teamed up with graphic designer Marlotte Kooijman from Studio MEK and created a special Zealous Clothing X Studio MEK gift box to raise awareness around climate change and coral bleaching.
You wonder why?

When you look at corals, you probably think they’re flowers. But when you look very closely, you will see that corals have a hidden treasure inside its skeleton. Behind her vivid colors, living organisms create the most impressive structures. Structures that are made of minerals.

And exactly those minerals, which you only find in a few places in the world, are essential and highly significant for our ecosystems and well-being, which is often underestimated. Therefore it is time to take action. Now. Because those powerful colors, these living organisms, are fading in time.


noun  [U] / /ˈkɔːr.əl/

Rock substance, formed in the sea by groups of particular types of living organisms.

T H E  P R O B L E M

When we burn fossil fuels, CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. During that process, heat gets trapped which is why the temperatures on earth are rising. Even if one or two extra degrees might sound more like a tropical summer than a catastrophe, it will be fatal for many ecosystems and coral is one of them.


The last ten years are  among the warmest in history. Isn’t that concerning? Coral reefs support some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth and thousands of animals depend on them. They provide shelter, spawning grounds, and protection from predators. If a reef ecosystem collapses, many species may face extinction. So, let’s make a change.

A  L A S T  C A L L  F O R  H E L P

The alarming signals corals are transmitting, might look like signals of revival. Her colors appear more vivid than ever. But these are signals of death and the corals’ last call for help before fading forever.


They have a big impact on our livelihood, security and safety as well. They form natural barriers that absorb the force of waves and storm surges, keeping coastal communities safe. Nature needs our help. Act Now!

Small steps are always better than no steps. And therefore, Zealous Clothing X Studio MEK partnered up with The Ocean Agency which means that 20% of our profit will be donated to protect and rehabilitate corals.

Our gift box stands for these corals. The art print visualizes a healthy coral reef with vibrant colors and is only available for a limited time! The T-Shirt and its b/w print of the same coral reef represents a dying coral reef that has lost all its color.

Act fast. If you act now, you will receive the limited edition colored art print and the T-shirt made from organic cotton and by hand in Bali. But there are only fifty prints available. When they’re gone, they’re gone: the colors will have faded! Even though all colorful coral prints have been sold, you can still take action, buying the b/w T-shirt and contribute with your purchase to healthier corals.

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